Native Plants and Trees



Warringah is home to over 900 native plant species, subspecies, varieties and forms that can be found from the coastal sand dunes and estuaries to sandstone ridge tops and plateaux.

Among Warringah’s locally occurring native plants are six species of Grevillea, eight species of Banksia and an astonishing 68 orchid species. Warringah also has a large variety of native trees including at least 30 types of ‘gum tree’ represented by the different species of Eucalyptus, Angophora and Corymbia.

Threats to the diversity of native plants in Warringah include the loss of vegetation through clearing and weed invasion. Exotic weeds readily invade cleared and disturbed areas, often displacing native plants and simplifying wildlife habitats.

One of our aims is to manage the natural environment by conserving and protecting our unique native plants.

See some of the wide range of native plants found in Warringah below.


In this section you can find

Grevillea caleyi

Rare and Endangered Plants

There are at least 15 plants listed as endangered and vulnerable in Warringah.