Pygmy Possum

Eastern Pygmy Possum
Rare and Endangered Animals

The Eastern Pygmy Possum (Cercartetus nanus) is a small, nocturnal, tree-dwelling marsupial with a body legnth of 7-10cm and large ears. It  has light brown fur on its back with a white underbelly. It is an agile climber and has a tail that is capable of curling and gripping.

It feeds mostly on pollen and nectar from banksias, eucalypts and understorey plants but will also eat insects, seeds and fruit. It is an important pollinator of heath plants, especially banksia.

Warringah has the largest population of Eastern Pygmy Possums in Sydney, outside of National Parks. In Sydney it is mainly found in heathland. Outside of Sydney it is found in a variety of habitats including woodland and rainforests.

The Eastern Pygmy Possum shelters in tree hollows, rotten stumps, holes in the ground, abandoned bird nests, ringtail possum dreys and thickets of vegetation, such as grasstree skirts.

Young are born mostly between late spring and early autumn or when food sources are available.