Red-crowned Toadlet

Red-crowned Toadlet
Rare and Endangered Animals

The Red-crowned Toadlet (Pseudophryne australis) is one of Australia’s smallest frogs, growing to just 30mm. It is restricted to specific habitats in the Sydney sandstone region. This hard-to-find species favours non-perennial streams, often on plateaus, which fill with autumn rains to allow the species to breed.

Eggs are layed in small depressions or in egg chambers at the water’s edge. Flooding of the pools allows the tadpoles to swim free. In
warmer months, newly hatched tadpoles can become frogs in approximately eight weeks and measure just 8mm in length.

It is dark brown above with a distinct red or orange (yellow on rare occasions) crown patch on the head and snout. The same colour patch is also found on the tail bone area. Its belly is marbled black and white.

The Red-Crowned Toadlet has a call described as a soft squelch-like ‘eeeek eek’ that is repeated several times in succession. It can sometimes be induced to call by giving a loud shout within close proximity of known habitat.