Plants and Trees



Trees are part of what we love about Warringah and your Council works to manage them in a responsible and fair way.

Trees and vegetation in Warringah, even those on private land, are protected under the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2011, the Development Control Plan (DCP) and the Tree Preservation Order.

For more about rules regarding trees, including applying for a Development Application to remove or prune a tree and the exceptions, go to our Trees and development page.

If you would like a tree on public land removed or pruned, please go to our Request a Service page or call 9942 2111. Our Tree Management team will assess the request and let you know the outcome.

Tree Replacement - a Native Garden

The best gardens have a variety of layers including tall, medium and small trees plus flowering shrubs, grasses, ground covers and climbers. A list of local native nurseries is below to help you.

Before planting, consider the space available. Determine the height and canopy of the trees you intend to plant when fully grown.

Avoid planting too close to buildings or in-ground pools, and avoid planting large trees close together. Allow room for root growth (at least twice the height of the tree). Large trees should be planted at least 3m from buildings.

Consider your neighbours. What effect will your plants have on neighbouring properties, such as shading, loss of views, impact on foundations, fences and services?

Other things to consider when choosing plants for your garden are:

  • Aspect: Will it be in full sun, dappled sun or mostly shade?
  • Drainage: Is the area wet and moist or very dry and free draining?
  • Overhead wires: Never plant species that grow to over 3.5m under electricity wires.