Brookvale Children's Centre


Sand pit
The friendly welcoming atmosphere at Brookvale Children's Centre makes it a favourite for families who have been using our service for over 20 years. The fact that we are a small service develops a sense of community and this is reflected in the positive relationships formed between staff, parents and children using the Centre. If you are looking for a service that is relaxed and easy going in a home like environment then look no further then Brookvale Children’s Centre.
The Centre has just undergone a major overhaul and now features a unique alfresco multipurpose space, four playrooms, three cot rooms and outdoor play areas with disabled access that include a sandpit. 


Children's Services fees and charges are set by Council. As we are an approved service, eligible families can claim Child Care Benefit and/or Child Care Rebate for their fees. For more information contact the Family Assistance Office.

Grouping of children

0-2 room - 8 children per day

2-3 room - 8 children per day

3-5 room - 20 children per day


Brookvale Children's Centre provides an age appropriate educational program enveloping all areas of a child’s development. The program is based on staff knowledge of each individual child through documented observation and also a child lead interest based level where staff act as facilitators for learning.

Incorporated into our program are sign language, tai chi, and opportunities for interactions in a second language. Staff in our preschool group prepare children for school by guiding and modelling positive social interaction, which in turn encourages a good self image and develops their autonomy, all skills that are essential when taking the step to big school.
The program is child centred and the children are encouraged to be independent and take initiative in their own learning. They can make choices in their learning through our permanent learning areas.

Parent Involvement

Parents can choose to be involved in the Centre on many levels. Our parents have formed a fundraising body which involves parents socially as well as raising money for extra equipment and / or for entertainers to visit the centre. Parents are invited to contribute to the program and may choose to share a talent with the children or to demonstrate their skills. Parents are also encouraged to celebrate with us something that is unique to their culture.
Throughout the year, there are many social/special events that form part of our program. Parents and families are invited to join us to celebrate and be apart of these special events. We have an open door policy and families can spend time with their children at the Centre. Working bees are another opportunity for parents to contribute their time and skills.