Pets and Animals


Dog exercise park

Whether you have a cat, dog or some other pet we love our animals in Warringah. They get us out of the house, they delight our children, they bring comfort and companionship to our less mobile citizens.

Warringah has many unleashed exercise areas where your dog can run free. At Curl Curl Lagoon they can even go for a swim. And every year we hold the Dogs Big Day Out for dogs and dog owners.

By remembering your responsibilities as a pet owner you’re helping us protect our beaches, our bushland and our vulnerable native wildlife. That’s why pets are not allowed on the beach or bush reserves. It’s also why you must microchip and register your cat or dog, for their wellbeing and safety and to comply with the law.

In this section you can find

Griffith Park

Animal Exercise Areas

Socialise with fellow owners while your dog lets off steam.
Dog Exercise Area

Your Obligations

Micro-chipping, desexing, registration… your pet and the law.

Lost or Found Animals

What to do, who to call.
King Parrot

Native Animals

One of our aims is to manage the natural environment by conserving and protecting our unique wildlife. You can help us to protect them.

Farm Animals

Keeping chickens, horses and livestock


Care for your pet and learn about your responsibilities.
Dangerous dog

Dangerous and Restricted Animals

Owners of dangerous and restricted dogs must comply with strict control requirements.

Safety and Animals

Some easy tips for keeping your kids safe around animals.
Nuisance Animals

Nuisance Animals

Cats or dogs causing trouble in your neighbourhood? Here’s what to do.
Fox in Warringah

Pest Species Control

Warringah is a participant in a state-wide program to control vermin and pest species.