Lost or Found Animals



Lost your favourite friend? Found a cat or dog? Here’s what you need to know.

If you have lost a pet

If your pet has a microchip and Council has your current details, then you can be easily reunited. If you are not contactable then your pet will be taken to the pound.

If an impounded dog or cat is microchipped, Council will house the animal at the pound for 14 days while we try to contact you. If the animal is not microchipped, Council will house the animal for seven days.

Animals whose owner cannot be found will be sent to the Animal Welfare League or another animal welfare agency for re-homing, if suitable.

Collecting from the pound 

To collect a pet you must bring identification or a letter of authority from the owner. All dogs and cats must be microchipped and registered before they will be released from the pound.

You will also have to pay pound fees, which includes the cost of food.

In some cases, owners may also be issued a fine by Council.

If you have found a pet

Call Council’s rangers on 9942 2111 between 7am and 7pm.

After hours call 9971 8487.

If you find a dead animal

Report dead animals on public property to us on 9942 2111 and we will remove them. We scan domestic animals for microchip identification so that owners can be notified. For reasons of public health we dispose of animals immediately and they cannot be recovered by owners.

We don’t remove dead animals from private property. Contact your local vet for assistance, if neeeded.