Your Obligations


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Microchip and register your pet. It means you can find them if they get lost and it’s required by law.

Microchipping and Registration

Step 1 – Microchipping and identification (required by 12 weeks)

A vet or accredited implanter can microchip your pet and fill out a Permanent Identification form. The vet or implanter will forward the form so your pet will be entered on the NSW Companion Animals Register. Congratulations! You will then be sent a Certificate of Identification and Lifetime Registration Form

Step 2 – Registration (required by 6 months)

You must fill in a Lifetime Registration Form and bring it, or send it, to Council along with your copy of the Certificate of Identification.

Also bring your desexing certificate or pensioner card if you want a discount.

A Certificate of Registration will be posted to you once it is processed.

Change of Address or Owner

If you change ownership of your pet it is the responsibility of the original or “old” owner to ensure the Change of Owner Form is signed and completed by both parties and submitted to Council within 14 days or penalties may apply.

If you change address please complete the Change of Address Form. This should be done within 14 days of moving or penalties may apply.

Any other change of details such as phone number should be done on the Change of Owner Form.

All forms together with any proof required should be faxed or mailed to Council.

Alternatively, the whole process can be completed at Warringah Council's pound; Collaroy Veterinary Clinic, 1185 Pittwater Road, Collaroy. Call 9971 8487.

Pets and the Law

The Companion Animals Act (1998) outlines many guidelines for pet ownership. Some of those are:

  • Dogs must have a collar and tag displaying its details when on public land.
  • Dogs must be under the effective control of a competent person.
  • If your dog defecates in a public place you must remove and dispose of it in a bin.
  • Dogs are not allowed to rush at, chase, harass or attack any person or animal.
  • Dogs and cats are not allowed at children’s play areas, food preparation areas, Warringah’s beaches and community centres, schools, kindergartens or wildlife protection areas.


Cats are hunters and an important factor in the decline of native animal populations. Curfews, desexing and bells alone are not effective in protecting our native animals.

Warringah Council strongly encourages all cat owners to keep their pets indoors at night, to not feed stray cats and to properly house cats when away on holidays.


Permanent Pet Identification Form

Lifetime Pet Registration Form

The NSW Office of Local Government increased cat and dog registration fees on 17 July 2017.

Fees are:

  • Desexed animal: $55
  • Non-desexed animal: $201
  • Breeder concession: $55
  • Animal purchased from animal pound/shelter: $27.50
  • Pensioner concession (desexed animal only): $23
  • Maximum fee for council inspections of restricted and dangerous dog enclosures: $150

Lifetime registration fees will be annually indexed to the Consumer Price Index.

Change of Pet Owner Details Form

Companion Animals Change of Address Form