Rockpool Cleaning



We clean all rockpools regularly except for North Curl Curl. During summer the rockpools are cleaned once a week and in winter once a fortnight. Cleaning occurs on the low tide and emptying the pools begins around three hours prior to low tide. It can take up to 10 hours to fill the pool. The rockpools are closed to the public during cleaning times.

The rockpool staff empty the pool and wash down the deck surrounds. Then they wash the walls and the floor towards the valve with a high pressure gurney. When this is complete, they spray algicide on to the walls and floor (this is the only chemical we can use in the rockpools because of environmental concerns), the pool is then filled. Staff also check the pump and any infrastructure issues.

The depth a rockpool is able to be emptied depends on the tide. If the low tide is high, the staff cannot clean the pool completely. Rockpools often fill up with weed and sand after big seas,  which means that the pool cannot be cleaned completely between the tides. The staff undertake whatever cleaning they can do in this case.  Staff will hire a bobcat and excavator to help with the cleaning when this occurs but this will not happen until the next scheduled cleaning.

Hot humid conditions, water temperature and a large number of people using the pool will affect the water condition. Water may appear green and slimey due to these factors very quickly after cleaning.

Please visit the individual rockpool pages for current cleaning schedules.

Warringah Council and Beachwatch NSW recommend you avoid swimming for three days after heavy rain.