A Spirit of Play


A Spirit of Play
A Spirit of PlayA Spirit of PlayA Spirit of PlayA Spirit of Play

What a way to live, work and grow.

Warringah has water and wilderness. The famous bush and the glittering beaches. We enjoy twice as much open space as the average Sydneysider to walk our dogs, ride our horses, cycle our trails, kick our footballs, fire up a beachfront barbie or just eat fish’n’ chips on the sand, salt supplied.

With nine ocean beaches stretching a 14 kilometre golden ribbon along the coastline , 128 sportsfields, 740 reserves, over 150 playgrounds and nearly twice the Australian average of visits to national parks and bushland, let’s just say it’s easy to see why recreation is our way of life.

But so is re-creation. Recreation and re-creation.

Waves and waterfalls

Sounds of splashing and laughter fill the weekends in Warringah. Whether it’s in the world-famous surf or wading with the kids in clear ocean rock pools - we’ve got water any way you want it.

We have four coastal lagoons (not to boast but they are the only ones in the Sydney area), secret waterfalls, or perhaps you want to paddle one of our inland waterways? If you want wetlands, escarpments or foreshores or watersports of any kind, Warringah is a playground.

Wildlife and a wild life

With 60% of Warringah covered in bushland it is a lifestyle as much as a place. Stroll the many bird filled walkways and discover wildflowers, wonderful natural bushland and our very own unique species –– the Mint Bush, presumed extinct until rediscovered in Warringah in 2001, and the Grevillea caleyi.

While you're out breathing the fresh air, don’t forget to keep a look out for the numerous and rare native fauna we have on offer, like the Green and Golden Bell Frog, Heath Monitor and the adorable Pygmy Possum.

If you want to pick up the pace and move a little faster, we’ve got 66 kilometres of formal mountain bike tracks to go wild in and 15 kilometres of horse trails to gallop along.

Wonders working

What a place to grow as a young family or for that matter as a young business.

Warringah has a vitality that makes it special, a connection to nature and the spirit, but there’s also real opportunity for growth and diversity.

If you live here, you’re more likely to work here than anywhere else. No wonder, really. The work/life balance is about right. Let’s be honest, in the new world of telecommuting we may never leave.

Already we have the second highest number of small, entrepreneurial businesses per capita anywhere in Sydney.

Warringah is looking good there’s a vital new look and feel to everything, including the Dee Why Town Centre Masterplan.

Wellbeing and well fed

Well-balanced lifestyle, that’s the thing. We’re connected with nature as well as our community, we’re a place of fresh ideas as well as fresh air.

Not to mention fresh food, alfresco dining and outdoor markets.

The food and diversity in our cafés, bars and restaurants is mouth-watering. In fact, eating out in Warringah is addictive, whether it’s fine wine’n’dine, noodles or tapas. Must be the sea air!

We also devour culture, with eight literary lunches and nine live shows a year in the unique bushland setting at Glen Street Theatre; we have ballet, concerts, youth bands, exhibitions and a vibrant art gallery scene (there’s even five official graffiti walls for street artists), plus four fantastic libraries to feed your mind.

Warringah is many wonderful worlds rolled into one and we’re celebrating – together – the things that make living here, well …wonderful.