Planning and Development


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Do I Need a DA?

Understanding the planning and approval process is essential to making your project a reality – and staying inside the law.
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Application Process

To build in Warringah you’ll need to understand the DA process. Here’s an overview to get you started and links to Section 149 Certificates.

Development in Warringah

Building for the future while protecting our quality of life and our unique environment.

Trees and Development

Find out about rules on pruning or cutting down trees and dangerous trees on private and Council land.

Development Restrictions

There are numerous other factors that affect the approval of developments in Warringah, including heritage, zoning, trees and flooding.

Development Plans

Building in Warringah? Here are the plans, policies and laws you need to know.

Development Contributions

The Northern Beaches Council Section 94A Plan (S94A Plan) applies to all development applications and applications for complying development ...

Building and Certification

When you’re ready to build in Warringah you’ll need to know about the special permits and specifications that apply to your project.

Development Determination Panels

Learn more about the expert panels that will assess your DA.
State Policies

Development Registers

Consent registers, SEPP 1 and DCP Variations.
Top of the Town

Planning for Our Future

More homes, more people. We’re finding ways to accommodate growth in Warringah that won’t compromise our environment or way of life.
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Current Works and Projects

What we're doing to improve your streets, parks and more.