After your DA is Approved


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If your DA is approved there are some more steps you must take before you can start to build.

  • obtain a Construction Certificate, and
  • appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).

Please see a full description of these steps in the After Consent Process Flowchart, in documents to your right.

Applying for a Construction Certificate

To obtain a Construction Certificate you must download the form and complete the checklist. Once complete the form must again be lodged by mail or in person. Fees apply at this stage. Call us on 9941 2111 to find out which fees apply.

Appointing a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

You must appoint a PCA for your project. The PCA will supervise the works on your site and will provide final completion certificates when your project is completed.  You can appoint Warringah Council to be your PCA or you can appoint a Private Accredited Certifier. See the Building Professionals Board for more information on appointing a private certifier.