Our mediation service can assist with disputes over Development Applications and related planning, development and land management matters that relate to Council’s role in the community.

Mediation is available without charge to Warringah residents, businesses and community groups. It aims to settle disputes related to Development Applications without costly and lengthy court proceedings. It is a voluntary process where people agree to meet and find a solution with the help of an impartial, independent mediator.

What are the Steps in Mediation?

  1. Complete the Request for Mediation form
  2. Council's Panel Coordinator will contact the parties involved and ask whether they are willing to enter into the process
  3. A pre-mediation meeting may be called to clarify the issues and prepare for the mediation session
  4. The parties and the independent mediator then conduct the mediation at a mutually agreed time and place
  5. The mediation may result in a signed agreement, a partial agreement or no agreement at all.