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The main steps in lodging a Development Application (a DA) and what happens after approval are described here. You must read the forms and flowcharts provided to gain a full understanding of the process. And you should talk to your builder or consultant about complying with all your legal obligations.

Download the DA form

To lodge a DA with us you must begin by downloading the form from the documents section on the right. Warringah Council uses the same DA form for all developments, whether residential, industrial or commercial, except for Tree Applications.

The form includes a checklist which details everything you will have to supply with your application so it can be processed. This might include plans, reports, certificates and other items of information. Use the checklist to ensure your application is complete.

It is very important that you get advice on your proposal from Council before you lodge your DA form.

Additional items you will need

In addition to the checklist items, there are three more documents you will need before lodging your DA. Council recommends that you: 

Pre-lodgement meetings

You are strongly encouraged to attend a Pre-lodgement meeting for large-scale, complex or controversial development applications. A fee is payable for this service, details are on the form.

Following the meeting, you will receive written advice that lists the information required for your DA to be processed. It also indicates whether or not your DA is likely to be accepted.

Section 149 Certificate

A Section 149 Certificate is a legal document that confirms whether or not your property may be developed, subject to all applicable rules.

Note that a Section 149 certificate is not a development approval. It merely states whether or not development is possible on your property.

How to lodge your DA

Once complete your application must be delivered to council by mail or in person. DAs cannot be lodged online. The address is on the first page of the DA form.

You must ensure that all the required documents are with the form when you deliver it to us.

Fees apply at this stage of the DA process. Call us on 9942 2111 to find out which fees apply to your application.

What happens next?

After an initial review to make sure your application is complete, council will advertise the proposed development and allow time for community submissions. Next we’ll assess the DA to see if it complies with all the relevant legislation and development controls. If the development does not comply and/or it lacks important information, we will give you the opportunity to withdraw the DA so you can address the matters raised.  The DA may be reviewed by various panels depending on its size, its complexity, or on a number of other factors. After this determination process we will advise you of the outcome.

For all development applications submitted after the 1st December 2015 advice of your notice of determination will be released electronically on Access your Determination.