Building Permits


If you’re building in Warringah you might need to use public space. Make sure you get the right permits first.

Once you’re ready to build you may still need permits for specific activities. These permits control the use of shared or public spaces in Warringah. They protect public amenity and workplace safety.

Lodge the application form by mail or in person at Council’s customer service centre. Any fees and charges are payable when you lodge your application. You must get the permit before you start work.

How Do I Know if I Have an Approved Permit?

We will send you an approved copy of the permit once your application has been processed and any fees paid.

You must keep an approved copy of the permit on site during the work.

Building and development

Section 149 Planning Certificate Form

Building Certificate Application Form

Outstanding Notices Application Form

A Section 735A & 121ZP Outstanding Notices certificate lists any outstanding notices and orders issued by Council in respect of a parcel of land.

You can apply online or you can apply using the application form below:

Bond Lodgement Form

To be paid prior to the issue of any construction certificate.

Compliance/Component Certificate Application Form

Minor Encroachments/Constructions within Road Reserve Application Form

You can apply online or you can apply using the application form below:

Occupation Certificate Application Form

Out of Hours Work Application Form

Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)/Notice of Commencement Form

Complying Development Certificate and Checklists Application Form

Certification of Shadow Diagrams Form

Cost Summary Report Greater than $100,000 Form

Development Application Form and Checklist

Request for Mediation Form

Modify a Consent (Section 96) Application Form and Checklist

Development Application Pre-lodgement Meeting Application

Review of Application Form - S82A - S82B - S96AB

Use this form to ask Council to review its determination of a Development Application.

Street Levels/Changes to Driveways on Council Property Application Form

Building Site Inspections Requirements for Applicant/Builder

Dividing Fences

Fences between properties can be the subject of disputes between neighbours. The Dividing Fences Act 1991 sets out laws about dividing fences. Council has no jurisdiction to resolve fence disputes between neighbours. More information and links to the Fencing Notice is here:

Fire Safety Certificate - Previously Form 15

Install On-site Wastewater Treatment System Application Form

Work Zone Application Form

A workzone allows construction vehicles to stand at the kerb while being loaded and unloaded.

Any existing clearway and peak hour standing restrictions still apply. Otherwise standard hours apply. These are from 7 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and from 8 am to 1 pm Saturday.

Place Building Materials on Footpath Application Form

You’ll need this permit if you’re going to temporarily store building material (bricks, sand, pipes, etc) on a Council road or footpath.

The stored materials must not be in the way of pedestrians. If necessary they must be adequately barricaded to let people pass in safety. Silt and sediment control will be required for building materials likely to be washed away in storms, such as sand or cement.

Once the materials are removed the footpath must be restored to its original condition.

Lodge the application form by mail or in person at Council’s customer service centre. Any fees and charges are payable when you lodge your application. You must get the permit before you start work.

Locate Building Waste Container on a Public Street Application Form

You’ll need this permit if you want to put a building waste container (such as a skip bin) on a street or road reserve.

Hoarding Permit Application Form

You’ll need this permit if you plan to erect hoardings or other construction facilities on Council property. This includes overhead hoardings, scaffolding, site fencing and site offices.

Approval for these structures is required under Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993.

The hoarding must not obstruct the footpath or impede pedestrian access.

Stand Plant Permit Application Form

Where there is a need to place an item of plant, such as a crane or concrete pump, on a road or footpath - you need to get a permit from Council.

Excavate Roads & Footpaths Application / Road Opening Permit

You will need this permit if you need to open, excavate or trench the road or footpath, a road shoulder, a nature strip, kerbs and gutters or any other Council-owned infrastructure.

The permit will contain conditions and specifications. You must comply with these to ensure the area is repaired correctly after the work is done.

Working on Reserves Permit Application and Guidelines

You can also apply online.

Planning Proposal Application Form

Subdivision Certificate Application Form

Subdivision Construction Certificate Application Form

Authorised Driveway Contractors

These contractors are authorised to carry out street level vehicle footpath crossings and associated works. No other persons are authorised to carry out excavation or any other part of this work to.

Please note that some may not hold a Builder's Licence or a restricted builder's permit click on link for registered contractors

Section 138 A – Works within Council Road Application

Application for Stormwater Drainage Approvals

Application of Temporary Ground Anchors Form