Engineering Specifications


On this page you can find specifications for building works in Warringah and guidelines for preparing reports.

AUSPEC 1 – Council’s specification for engineering works

AUSPEC 1 is a design guide and construction specification to be used for all large scale engineering works including large lot residential subdivisions, industrial and commercial developments. It covers Geometric Road design, pavement design, stormwater drainage design, and erosion control and stormwater management.

AUSPEC 1 can be purchased from Council's Development Engineering Section. There are two sections to this document:

  1. Design Specifications

  2. Construction Specifications

Minor Works Specification

Warringah Council's minor works specification covers construction works such as footpath paving, vehicle crossing construction, minor drainage works, kerb and gutter, part road construction and other engineering works required as a condition of a Development Consent.

For large lot residential subdivisions, industrial and commercial development, Council’s specification for engineering works AUSPEC 1 is to be used.

On-Site Stormwater Detention (OSD) Technical Specification

On-Site Stormwater Detention (OSD) is required generally for all developments in the Warringah Council Local Government Area. This is to minimise impact on Council’s downstream stormwater drainage system that may result from the proposed development.

For single dwellings Council's OSD checklist can assist in determining whether OSD is required. All new developments should be discussed with Council’s Engineers prior submitting the Development Application. This will assist in preparing your Development Application to ensure it is complete when lodging with Council.

A positive covenant and restriction as per user must be registered on the title for the OSD system to ensure regular maintenance and operation. See Council's OSD Technical Specification for sample wording.

Specification for Erosion and Sediment Control – Subdivision/Major Construction Works

The specification titled “Managing Urban Stormwater – Soils and Construction” must be used for all subdivision and major construction works in Warringah which have the potential to cause soil erosion.  The specification includes measures that will prevent unacceptable environmental impacts caused by soil erosion and sedimentation onto adjoining land, drainage systems and receiving waters such as creeks, rivers and lagoons. You can obtain this specification from Landcom.

Narrabeen-Collaroy Fishermans Beach – Criteria for the Siting and Design of Foundations for Residential Development – Geomarine Report

This document gives the criteria for the siting and design of foundations for residential development shown on Council’s Coastal Hazard map.