Coastline Hazards


Coastal Erosion

Before lodging your Development Application (DA) you will need to find out if your proposed development is located in the Coastal Zone.

Search the planning rules for your property

New development on or adjacent to Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach and Fishermans Beach must take into account the coastline hazards affecting these areas. There are conditions that must be met relating to the location and design of development in these areas. The main aim of the conditions is to help protect life and property. The State Environmental Planning Policy No. 71 – Coastal Protection has more information.

The Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2011 and Development Control Plan (DCP) contain clauses which development in the Warringah coastal zone must address. Relevant clauses are Clause 5.5 and Clause 6.5 of LEP 2011 and Part E9 of the DCP.

You may have to provide additional information so we can be sure that necessary Coastal Zone considerations have been adequately addressed. Your proposal will be assessed on its site specific merits.

If you answer ‘yes’ to the following question you may have to provide additional information:

Is the property located in the Coastal Zone as identified by Council?

If you are unsure contact Council on 9942 2111.

Information that may be required:

  •  Coastal Report

Guidelines (located on the right) will help you to prepare your information. If you prepare your report in accordance with the Guidelines it will make it easier and quicker for us to assess your DA.

Natural Environment Flowchart for DAs

We’ve created a flowchart (located on the right) showing you the Natural Environment Requirements for Development Applications.