Do I Need a DA?


If you are going to build something on your property, you may need development approval (a DA) from the Council first - whether it’s a major project, like a new house, an extension or a second floor, or something smaller, like a deck or a pergola. Even for a tree to be cut down.

3 steps to find out if you need a DA:

This will tell you whether your project is ‘permitted with consent’, ‘permitted without consent’ or ‘prohibited’.’ If it is ‘permitted with consent’ you will have to lodge a DA using the form from the documents section on the right.

  • Discuss with a Duty Planner.

The information on this website is not legal advice. We recommend that you contact us to confirm that your project is permitted. Speak to a Duty Planner on 9942 2111 or visit the Planning and Assessment Services Counter at the Civic Centre.

  • Attend a Pre-lodgement Meeting.

The Duty Planner will tell you if a Pre-lodgement Meeting is recommended for your proposal. A Pre-lodgement Meeting can advise you of the information required for your DA to be processed and whether it is likely to be supported or not.

You must make sure you have all the necessary approvals before you start work. If you don’t, there might be financial and legal consequences.  The Council will assess your DA and tell you whether it has been approved.

You may not need to apply for a DA if your works or activities are considered Exempt.


Stormwater Pre-Lodgement Meeting


A Stormwater Pre-Lodgement Meeting can advise you of specific stormwater information required for your DA and whether your drainage proposal is likely to be supported before your application is lodged with Council.

In this section you can find

Exempt and Complying Development

Find out about developments that don't need a DA and Comply Development Certificates.