Local Government Reform


The NSW Government’s Fit for the Future reform program was launched in September 2014, and aims to ensure the long term financial viability and strategic influence of the local government sector.

Councils submitted a proposal to IPART in June 2015, demonstrating how they plan to be ‘fit for the future’ by meeting criteria for scale, capacity and financial health.  Submissions were to be based on the Independent Local Government Review Panel's (ILGRP) recommendations. The recommendation for Manly, Pittwater and Warringah was to form one Northern Beaches Council.

Warringah submitted a 'improvement proposal' to be fit on its own as well as a vision and blueprint for one, new Northern Beaches Council organisation. You can see all the documents and make comments on the IPART website.

IPART found that all three northern beaches councils were not fit under the scale and capacity criteria and that its analysis was 'consistent' with the ILGRP recommendation for one northern beaches council.