Rubbish and Recycling for Business


Rubbish and Recycling for Business

We offer local businesses weekly garbage and recycling collection services.

Waste Type

Bin Sizes

Acceptable Materials


80 litres
120 litres
240 litres

Plastic bags and other non-recyclable plastics, food scraps, solid waste etc.

No eWaste, hazardous waste, vegetation or recycling.


240 litres

Clean paper (ok with staples), flattened cardboard and envelope with windows.

No wax-coated cardboard, dirty pizza boxes, food soiled paper, dirty tissues.


240 litres

Mixed container recycling. All plastic (with or without recycling symbol), metal and carton containers, glass bottles and jars. Small plant pots, plastic meat trays. No plastic bags, cling wrap, furniture, toys, polysyrene, ceramics, white glass or flat glass.

Service charges

Simply download the forms to your right and send them to Council.

Changes to Details

Contact Customer Service or fill out the Change of address/update customer details form


In person at the Customer Service counter:
Civic Centre – 725 Pittwater Road Dee Why NSW 2099.
8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
Detach payment slip from invoice, post or fax credit card authorisation form to:
02 9942 2606.
BPay (see invoice for details).

Commercial Waste FAQ

Why isn’t the cost of commercial waste included with my household or business?

Businesses have the option of using Council or private service providers. The Local Government Act requires councils to provide residential households with a waste service and make a separate charge (on rate notices) for this service. Businesses have widely varying waste requirements and need to match the service with the business. Ordinary rates do not cover waste services.

If I lease my business premises, isn’t it the property owner’s responsibility to provide for waste collection?

That would depend on your lease arrangement with the property owner. However, as with most other business arrangements, Council’s preference is to deal directly with the business proprietor.

As a tenant, do I need the property owner’s permission to order a commercial waste bin?

You can make independent arrangements directly with Council; however you should first check your lease arrangement.

How often are my bins collected?

Commercial waste and recycling are collected once a week, on the same day (but not at the same time). A leaflet advising of your service day will be sent to you after your bin has been delivered.

When should I put my bins out for collection?

You should put the bins out on the night before your waste collection day.

Where should I place my bins for service?

Bins need to be placed outside your premises on an accessible public road. If you have more than one bin, they will need to be 30cm apart, with the bin lid opening towards the street.

What can I do if my bin has not been serviced?

Report it to Customer Service on 9942 2111 in the afternoon or the next day.

How do I get my stolen/damaged bin replaced/repaired?

Contact Customer Service on 9942 2111 for bin repair/replacement.

My recycling bin has been contaminated with other waste, will it be collected?

No. A sticker explaining the reason will be attached to your bin. Please remove the contaminating material, and present the bin correctly on your next scheduled collection day. In some circumstances, Council may be able to have the bin collected on the following day.

Will my bin be collected during public holidays?

Your bin will be serviced as usual during public holidays.