Sustainable Business Financing


There are a range of programs, financial products and financial incentives to assist you and your business in taking action on energy, water and waste in your business. As a first step, be sure to investigate:

-       Small Business Tax Deductions - The recently announced tax break for small businesses with an annual aggregated turnover of less than $2 million could help your business fund sustainable upgrades. Under the new law equipment upgrades and new installations such as solar valued under $20,000 can be immediately deducted. It is best to check with your accountant if you are planning on taking advantage of this opportunity

-       The Energy Saver program – This state government program provides subsidised support for eligible businesses to implement energy efficiency upgrades. The program is suited for organisations that spend >$80,000 p.a. on electricity

-       Energy Savings Scheme – This scheme provides businesses financial incentives to implement energy saving projects such as installation of energy efficient appliances, lighting and updating older energy intensive equipment. Office of Environment and Heritage’s Accredited Certificate Provider Directory allows you to search by business and technology type, for example: small business and lighting. This tool could help your business to find an accredited service provider able to help you obtain energy savings certificates to bring down the cost of your upgrade.

The State Government (Office of Environment & Heritage) has produced an Energy Efficiency and Renewables Finance guide to aid businesses in better understanding the range of financing options.

A great way to fund your program is through grant funding. Check out the Business Grant Finder for to find a grant opportunity for your program.