About Local Government


Your local Council is the section of government that is closest to the community and knows its needs best.

Local government is important because it serves the needs of its own local community.

In Warringah for example, we direct resources towards lifeguards, beach pollution, lagoon preservation and bush regeneration. In other councils, these issues may not be as important.

Councils provide services to meet the needs of the community. The general purpose of councils is to:

  • Ensure order and good government for an area
  • Advise and encourage appropriate building and other development in the best interests of the community
  • Provide and manage community services and facilities
  • Manage and improve natural resources and the environment

In NSW, local government gets its powers from the NSW Local Government Act of 1993.

Each council is governed by a group of people called Councillors and the leader is called the Mayor.

Warringah Council is active in supporting local government reform and in seeking the views of residents and ratepayers.