Compliments and Complaints


Compliments and Complaints

Warringah Council has a robust Customer Service charter and complaints management system.


You can send a compliment to Council, or make any comment using our Enquiry Form.


The normal avenue for most complaints is through Customer Service. This is where you make a complaint, inquire about Council services, or ask questions about service delivery on a day-to-day basis, such as rubbish collection, reporting potholes, barking dogs or problems with a neighbour's fence, please use our Enquiry Form

A Customer Service officer will log your call and pass it to the relevant department in Council, where it will be dealt with.

You can also write a letter to Council if you prefer; for example, if you have documents you want to send in that help explain your problem. Alternatively, you may wish to come in to the Customer Service front counter in the Council Civic Centre.

Complaints to the Office of the Internal Ombudsman

If you think your complaint concerns a serious issue, for example, corruption, misconduct, maladministration, or otherwise unlawful behaviour by Council administration or Council officers, you may choose to make a complaint to the Office of the Internal Ombudsman.

You are, however, encouraged to first use all other avenues in Council to resolve your problem before making a complaint to the Office of the Internal Ombudsman. This is particularly relevant to inquiries about, or problems with, service delivery or service requests - a quick call to Customer Service will often sort things out, provide you with the information you need, and answer your questions.

Before lodging a complaint with the Office of the Internal Ombudsman, it is useful to ask yourself the following questions:  What has Council done wrong in this situation?  Has Council breached some law or policy which they have a duty to uphold? Has Council treated me unfairly?  Has a Council officer done something that is against the law or Council’s Code of Conduct?

For more information on the Office of the Internal Ombudsman and how to make a complaint please refer to the Internal Ombudsman page under Contact Us section on the left.