Dee Why Town Centre

Exciting new developments are happening in Dee Why with work beginning in the Town Centre. Click on the above interactive map or browse the below information to find out more.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dee Why Town Centre Community Liaison Officer on 9942 2755.

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Or download the latest construction update regarding the Oaks Avenue drainage works.   

In this section you can find

Dee Why Town Centre - Planning Controls

Changes to our planning controls, and the levy paid by developers, to implement recommendations from the Dee Why Town Centre Masterplan.
Oaks Howard Car Park

Dee Why Town Centre - Parking

Improvements to the Town Centre will result in some temporary and long term changes to parking.

Dee Why Town Centre - Drainage

We're carrying out works to reduce the risk of severe floods.
Walter Gors Park  - Artist Impression

Dee Why Town Centre - Street and Open Space Upgrades

The upgrades to all public spaces you've been waiting for, with more green space and improved park facilities.

Dee Why Town Centre - Traffic Changes

There will be some disruptions caused by improvement works in the Town Centre. We are also looking to make long term traffic improvements.

Dee Why Town Centre - Private Developments

A number of private developments are underway in the Town Centre including the Meriton development between Howard and Oaks Avenue.