Development Unit - Warringah Local Environment Plan

The Development Unit - WLEP (the DU-WLEP) makes decisions on Development Applications (DAs) that have not been referred to other Northern Beaches Panels – the NBDAP, NBDRP and JRPP.

The DU-WLEP deals with DAs which have more than 4 ‘relevant objections'.

Objectives of the DU-WLEP

  • Development outcomes consistent with the Warringah Local Environment Plan (WLEP)
  • Reduction in the number and cost of appeals to the Land and Environment Court
  • Improved transparency in the DA process
  • Better development in Warringah
  • Learning and development for staff

Functions of the DU-WLEP

The DU-WLEP will assess DAs referred to it and make determinations for the following:

  1. All applications that are not required to be referred to NBDAP/NBDRP or SNPP and where there are more than four (4) relevant objections.

    A ‘relevant objection’ means:

    A written submission in response to Council’s notification/exhibition of a development application, which in the opinion of the Group Manager Development and Compliance Services raises specific issues for the refusal of the application or would otherwise require significant changes or restrictions to the proposed development.

  2. Any other application, at the discretion of the Deputy General Environment or Executive Manager Development Assessment Services. 

In considering applications, DU-WLEP is to take into account, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Independent mediation or negotiation reports.
  • Relevant statutory environmental planning instruments, specifically WLEP, DCP and/or Council policies (Design Guidelines, Notification Policy, Land & Environment Court planning Principles and similar).
  • Compliance with statutory provisions, particularly the Local Government Act 1993, and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. 
  • The Panel may defer items for additional information / clarification / inspections.
E.g., 25/06/2017
E.g., 25/06/2017