Plans and Reports


We're making it easier for you to see how we are performing by bringing all of our planning and reporting information into one place.

And, in a first for Local Government in Australia, Council is introducing monthly online reporting against our key projects to further increase transparency.

  • Community Strategic Plan - Long term (ten year) aspirations of the Warringah community
  • Delivery Program - Council’s four-year plan to address the Community Strategic Plan
  • Operational Plan - What Council will deliver in the first year of the Delivery Program

How does it all fit together?
The Community Strategic Plan 2023, prepared by Council on behalf of the Warringah community, reflects where we want to be in ten years. At the end of every four-year Council term, we produce an End of Term Report to outline how we think we are progressing as a community towards meeting these aspirations.

The Delivery Program outlines what Council plans to undertake over four years to address the Community Strategic Plan. Progress can be reviewed in our Annual Report.

The Operational Plan is part of the Delivery Program and shows the actions that will be delivered over the first 12 months of the Delivery Program. Progress against these actions can be viewed via Quarterly and Monthly Updates.    

In this section you can find

CSP 2023

Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan 2023 sets out the long term aspirations of the Warringah community. It reflects where we want to be in ten years and is...
Roads Works

Delivery Programs and Operational Plans

See how we deliver on our commitments.

Long Term Financial Plan

Spending wisely to make sure we are financially sustainable.

All Plans and Strategies

Our key plans and strategies outline how we'll tackle the challenges of the future. Warringah's overarching strategy document is the Community ...
Cromer Park

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports allow you to see how Council is performing against the goals outlined in the Strategic Community Plans.
Quarterly reports

Quarterly Reports

Warringah's Quarterly Report includes highlights from the preceding quarter, Key Performance Indicators and progress reports on actions. If you ...
State of the Environment Report

State of the Environment

As well as protecting our natural environment we’re working to preserve the historical sites that tell the story of Warringah.