Dee Why Town Centre Masterplan


Civic Plaza

We are committed to delivering Dee Why as a highly liveable town centre and the focus for civic and cultural activities. An overall plan for the area is needed for a strongly coordinated approach to land use planning and development issues.

The Masterplan for Dee Why Town Centre was created by renowned urban planners, PLACE Design Group, with the help of a Dee Why Working Party made up of local business people and community leaders.

The Masterplan won a Government Leadership for Urban Design award from the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

Key Features of the Masterplan include:

• Civic Centre “Community Hub” with an attractive outdoor plaza, amphitheatre and new library facilities
• New Police Citizens & Youth Club
• 560 new carpark spaces
• New trees, paving, water features, landscaping and street furniture
• New bicycle lanes
• Road changes to improve traffic flow
• New open spaces including the expansion of Walter Gors Park
• New plaza at Redman Road
• Use of water-sensitive urban design
• Better accessibility
• Buildings will remain at the current allowed range. However, in selected areas, taller buildings may be considered on larger sites, subject to strict conditions and in return for connected open public spaces at the ground level