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Published Date: 
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Council has moved to standardised vegetation bins across Warringah and notified residents for the past six months that their non-Council vegetation bin will no longer be serviced.

If you have a private vegetation bin, we will put a sticker on it, advising you that from the end of August we will no longer collect non-Council bins. You will need to respond within three business days.

I haven't had a sticker put on my private vegetation bin. What do I do?

If you own a private vegetation bin/s and have not been notified by Council, please use our Request A Service online or call 9942 2111

Why is Council replacing the private vegetation bins?

Council received funds from the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) to ensure all bins in Warringah follow the Australian Standard (AS4123). This initiative brings the vegetation service into line with Council's other waste services, where we own, maintain and replace the bins.

What will happen to my old vegetation bin if I decide that Council should remove it?

All old vegetation bins that Council collect will be reused or recycled.  The recycled plastic is often turned into new bins.

I have more than one private vegetation bin.  Can I tick different options for each of them?

Yes, you can. Please remember you are only allowed to put out four Council vegetation bins for collection. Households requiring additional Council vegetation bins can purchase them from Council.  

What will happen if I continue to present a private vegetation bin after August 2015?

The bin will not be serviced and a sticker placed on the bin to notify the household why it wasn’t emptied. 

How do I know if my bin is private or Council-owned?

The Council bins have a black body with a white flannel flower or Warringah logo.

Who can I call for more information?

Please contact Customer Service on 9942 2111.