Northern Beaches Council has established an eTendering website (TenderLink) to provide Council suppliers easy access to a range of tendering services associated with Council's tendering program. Register your details and establish profiles to automatically receive information on Requests for Tender (RFT), Expressions of Interest (EOI) and Requests for Quotation (RFQ) as they become available.

Local Supplier Marketplace

Northern Beaches Council provides a variety of services to the community. This ranges from childcare centres and running public events to the maintenance of our many buildings. Council spends $60 million a year on goods and services many of which are smaller purchases. 

For the purchasing of goods and services below $30,000 for which Council does not have any current contractual arrangements, Northern Beaches Council has joined the ‘Local Supplier Marketplace’. The 'Marketplace' is an online tool that will make it easier and fairer for local businesses to be aware of opportunities to work with Council. Suppliers register in the system in advance and when Council staff are looking to purchase particular categories of goods and services, they may send out a request for quotes based on location (5/10/15+ km radius). Local suppliers can respond by submitting quotes and Council selects the winning bidder. This provides council with a transparent and open process to better engage with local businesses and support the local economy.  

Businesses can pre-register now using the link attached. Council will start using the system in the 2015/16 financial year once there are suppliers registered.  The system is free for suppliers, with no fees for signing up, receiving notifications or submitting quotes. 

Don’t miss out on opportunities, sign up today!    


Current Tender Listing

View and download current Tenders, EOI’s and Quotes through Tenderlink.

In this section you can find

Tenders Recently Awarded

Contracts over $150,000 awarded since January 2010.

Tenders Recently Closed

A list of Tenders that have been submitted.

Tenders FAQ

Questions and answers regarding submitting a Tender to the Warringah Council.